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  • Family dog gives family cat a sweater to befoul as a Christmas gift, instead of chewing it himself.
  • Gravy is on judicial trial accused of trying to smother a turkey.

  • A tank of Piranhas think of ways to get the owner to stick his hand in the tank
  • A cat has created a plan to get its lunch.
  • An architecture firm uses an etch-a-sketch to design stairs.
  • The consonants have a spy in the vowel army during a war.
  • A cat and dog play poker to see who gets to knock over a vase.
  • Cats decide to do nothing in the war in the "dog-eat-dog" world.
  • The hitch breaks off a family's car as they drive to the lake.
  • Pine trees gossip about how a deciduous tree's brightly colored leaves will be falling off soon.
  • A cave man paints a prehistoric boar, and the boar makes a cave painting of the man.
  • Mice make their hole in the ceiling instead of the floor because their foreman is holding the plans upside down.

You searched for: plans