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  • Aliens from Pluto are angry at Earthlings for representing them with a silly dog.
  • A chiropractor goes to space to fix Atlas' back and save the Earth.
  • A dad sun has trouble raising his son after he argues that the world revolves around him.
  • A baby conehead is born with a round head.
  • A probe for Saturn is ready to launch, but the clock on it keeps flashing 12:00.
  • Saturn goes broke and pawns its rings.
  • The Earth is applying Preparation V to his backside to soothe burning because of painful volcanoes that just won't go away.
  • The Earth, surrounded by satellites in space, says that he feels like he's being watched.
  • Earth in space with hand of God visible, someone on Earth tells friend to take telescope and tell him what he thinks he sees.
  • Earth does a comb over to cover ozone hole in atmosphere.

  • Earth notices a volcano, like a pimple, on his forehead before his date with Venus.

You searched for: planets