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  • Elvis asks for directions to Heartbreak Hotel amongst other hotels named after ailments.
  • A man hurts his arm when he's playing air guitar and his CD skips.
  • Acts of God include natural disasters and a musical performance.
  • The cartoon asks readers to vote for Young Elvis or Fat Elvis.
  • A woman cleans Prince's house.
  • Godzilla eat Meatloaf and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • A cat sings a cat version of a Nat King Cole song.
  • Godzilla burps after taking a bite out of Lawrence Welk Studios.
  • A wax museum's expenses go to updating Michael Jackson's figure.
  • The waiter at a fancy restaurant farts with his armpits to replace the violin player, who is on strike.
  • An orchestra's timpani player's music is just the word "Boom" over and over.

  • The cartoon lists phrases that never caught on.

You searched for: performer