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  • Robot on ice skating rink makes figure eight in computer binary code.
  • Number 5 congratulates 8 with degree symbol on getting a temp job.
  • Numbers in cinema are scared by movie of a killer zero.
  • Numeral Pi sits in a chair reading The Never-Ending Story.
  • Musician's song is called "Here's a little number I like to call".
  • Pi worries that he can't fully express himself in Twitter's 140 characters.

  • God's creation of beg bugs posts gets less likes than his creation of pandas and cats.
  • Coach gives player who gets tackled number 8 so that his number can be read upside down.
  • Super Mario fertility drug brothers increase the number of Super Marios.
  • A professor sneezes, blowing his equations across the blackboard.
  • Pi talks for too long at a party.

You searched for: number