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  • Cartoon characters are checked into the Betty Rubble Center for addiction recovery.
  • Emperor's new spacesuit finds him nude in outer space.
  • Party comes to a halt when the Godiva chocolate enters nude.
  • Gift reads about embarrassing celebrity gift wrap malfunctions.
  • Penguins take off their black coats to skinny-dip in the ocean.
  • Chest of drawers has to id from a police lineup which chest dropped its drawers.C4

  • hairless cat, legless lizard, flightless bird, and mindless doofus all go without something.
  • Everything I needed to know I learned from Peanuts characters.
  • The great belt shortage caused men to walk around with their pants around their ankles.
  • Dad cat wants daughter to convince cat-in-the-hat boyfriend to wear shirt and pants.
  • Husband comes home to christmas tree cheating with decorations strewn on the floor.

You searched for: naked