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  • A man's new computer Mighty Mouse sings.
  • During the 70s, cities would use Pete Townsend's windmill as emergency power.
  • One cat makes a diversion while another cat prepares to steal the Thanksgiving turkey.
  • William Tell hits on a woman at a bar.
  • The Beatles get run over on Abbey Road.
  • Don Ho gets tiny bubbles in his bloodstream when he tries to SCUBA dive.
  • A cat listens to a record of can openers from around the world.
  • A conductor's instructions are simply to wave his hands around until the music stops.

  • After being booted out of the Beatles, drummer Pete Best tries to market a solo album, "Aargh! Darn it! Darn it all!"
  • Little Red Riding Hood becomes a blues musician.
  • A group of ducks complains that Chuck Berry's duck walk is offensive.
  • Julie Andrews dies because the hills are alive and eat her.

You searched for: musical