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  • Doctor listens to pregnant woman's belly, she asks him how many heartbeats he hears because baby is in womb playing bongos.
  • People in office are frightened when radio station that's supposed to play soft music all day plays "Helter Skelter" by Beatles for April Fools Day.
  • Archie the apple wants to impress date, a pear, with his family tree, showing different apples, like Agatha tempting Adam, Jeffrey bonking Sir Issac Newton.
  • Man in a cappella band remembers how he always forgot instruments when he was in bands, wonders what he could forget now, realizes it's his mouth.
  • Woman asks Jimmy if she can turn his stereo down because stereo is turned on, playing romantic music, and trying to give her flowers.
  • Person shortens new year's resolutions to simply be more like George Harrison.
  • Computer informs that music subscription download time may be a while due to legal battles.

  • Singer's lyrics reveal that he is having affair with drummer's wife.

  • A tissue box says he's ashamed of his job, but he's talking to toilet paper.

  • Absent minded classical grand piano remembers forgotten musical note keys left on bedside table.

You searched for: music