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  • A cat goes to a mouse burrito store and the cashier asks him if he wants white or brown.
  • Taco Belt punches you in the face.
  • Zombies use a human's head as a pinata.

  • Chirpotle birdito parodies Chipotle burrito.
  • Cornea Extra parodies Corona beer.
  • Refried beans have therapy support group to discuss addiction to getting refried.
  • A trial jury is found deadlocked between Chinese food and Mexican food for lunch.
  • Punctuation marks visit Mexico, and notice half of them are upside down there.
  • The Easter Bunny dresses up in leather.
  • A horse's wife is angry because her husband lies about having salt licks with his friends to get drunk.
  • A slug orders a margarita without salt.
  • Mom letter N wants husband, Nick, to participate since they are in Mexico, she bought funny hats for everyone, which are actually tilde characters.

You searched for: mexican