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  • Traumatized memory foam mattress tells therapist it can’t forget the things it’s seen.
  • Heavy cream carton on laptop posts younger Throwback Thursday light cream photo online.
  • Squashed slice of bread tells other slices how it was injured by supermarket grocery bagboy with quart of milk.
  • Easter Bunny tells man at bar he hasn’t hidden eggs in years, he forgets where he left them.
  • Smartphone tells date they want to remember this moment but will need to delete another first.
  • Cellphones around dinner table have full storage after Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Stale doughnuts on park bench watching young ones play discuss old age.
  • Earth is surprised to see how much ice cap he’s lost in photos on Facebook Memories.
  • Grandma's superpower is that she can remember family's' birthdays without Facebook's help.

  • Elderly man wishes he knew then what he can't remember now.
  • Adam and Eve have relationship trouble when Adam forgets Eve's birthday.
  • A cat gets its owner something for her birthday, but the gift runs off.

You searched for: memory