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  • Ferocious leopard claws out of Leopardy Jeopardy spoof parody quiz show game box showing injured man hurt by cat scratches.
  • Spoofed package for gross maggot Muppet Show parody spin-off DVD boxed set.
  • Woman on laptop drinking Red Bull works productively while man with Blue Sloth is collapsed in an exhausted mess.
  • Parody of Air Heads Candy is Rogaine flavored Hair Heads for aging wolfmen.
  • Zombie parody of Kellogg’s Crave is brain flavored Grave cereal.
  • Franchise with boring content about normal activity.
  • Mother gets revenge with with customizable baby wipes.
  • Tried but nothing got clean parodies Tide laundry detergent.
  • Sierra Missed parodies Sierra Mist soda.
  • Leg-Ow parodies the building toy Legos for small pieces that are painful to step on.
  • Choboni parodies Chobani greek yogurt.

  • Hopicana parodies Tropicana orange juice.

You searched for: logo