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  • A man tries to use a keyboard shortcut to empty the cat litter.
  • A cat cuts up newspapers to leave a note for its owner which says "Clean Litter Box or Kiss Carpet Goodbye."
  • The sandman's cat uses his sand supply as a litter box.
  • A cat's inbox is full of mice and its outbox is a litter box.
  • A cat bathroom has a sign reading "employees must lick paws before returning to work."

  • A dad dropping his daughter off at daycare tells her to get the pooping and spitting-up out of her system while she's there.
  • A cat doesn't see the point of cat litter because he fills the cat box himself.
  • One cat thinks the other cat is a bathroom hog because he is sitting in the sand box building a sand castle.
  • Man gives presentation about changing next year's cat calendar to reflect real life, such as January: Spunky coughs up furball, March: Clyde misses litterbox.
  • Boss cat upset with employee cat, Crowley, for taking another three catnip lunch, demands key to executive litterbox.

You searched for: litterbox