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  • Fruit cops say peach being painfully waxed is brave to go undercover as nectarine.
  • Cops interrogating house suspect show building footprint blueprint evidence found at crime scene.
  • English majors on the jury interpret a double negative as a confession.
  • Dog eats lawn as medicine then enjoys rolling in grass recreationally for fun.
  • Cartoon character Bart Simpson nervous as lawyer presents to court spiky triangle hair evidence found at crime scene.
  • Horrified woman in court sentenced by judge to use drivers license photo for social media profile pictures online.
  • Cat in carrier with scratched owner wonders if it will get a longer sentence for resisting arrest.
  • Dog asks if it’s legal cat crossed out their names on food dishes and wrote her own.
  • Magician is taken to court by table for sexual assault after he pulls off tablecloth in performance.
  • Customers are arrested and jailed for minor consumer crimes.

  • Lawyers’ arguments cause fed up judge to reverse himself in his chair.
  • Cat texts owner demands to be fed and pet more.

You searched for: legal