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  • Scientists will remove 90% of suffering and distress from humankind by getting rid of the lawyer gene.
  • A lawyer claims god is partially responsible for a woman's car crash because she had a God is My Co-Pilot bumper sticker.

  • A prosecuting lawyer accuses Captain Hook of murdering a soap bubble.
  • Running of the Bulls is changed to Running of the Sloths after personal injury lawyers get involved.
  • Two lawyers and a judge act like immature children in Juvenile Court.
  • A lawyer tries to stop a trial because his client needs to poop, but the judge finds it highly irregular.
  • A dog's lawyer delivers a contract his owner needs to sign so he will play fetch.
  • Everyone is excited about the leap year, except the cartoonist, who's disappointed because he has to draw an extra cartoon.
  • A lawyer interrogates the monkey from Pop Goes the Weasel.
  • A judge refuses to excuse indecent exposure because a lawyer's client is from the show me state.
  • Meek inherit the earth but then the bold hire lawyers who tie up ownership in court cases.
  • A lawyer defends his client by claiming he had to murder his wife because she was a morning person.

You searched for: lawyer