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  • Gravy is on judicial trial accused of trying to smother a turkey.

  • A group of vampires are in court, and all are found guilty.
  • A Jack-o-lantern thinks Michael Jackson is infringing on its rights.
  • Mother Goose is under investigation for writing accurate facts.
  • Pinocchio has to sign a wireless contract get rid of the strings.
  • A dog reads to puppies from the book "The Land Before Leash Laws"
  • The Justice Department suspects Microsoft of taking kickbacks from The Hair Club.
  • Dogs agree to live in a dog-eat-cat world instead of a dog-eat-dog world.
  • Santa doesn't like having to put a super pooper scooper under his reindeer.
  • A dead woman leaves her lingerie to her husband because he enjoys wearing it.
  • Mary's little lamb was actually a criminal.
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears sue each other.

You searched for: laws