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  • Reggie has job at framing shop, accidentally breaks glass trying to put frame on, he decides to make it look like his co-worker did it.
  • Police officer key says the fried key on the ground was last seen with a kite enthusiast named Franklin, implying Benjamin Franklin discovering electricity.
  • Lawyer playing defense in basketball blocks a player's shot from going in net, and yells, "Objection!".
  • Prison officer mice lead mouse to the electric chair, which is actually a plug-in night light with the bulb taken out.
  • Thief tells victim that after he beats and robs him, his agent is available to discuss who will portray him in TV re-enactment, agent stands by.
  • Husband orange tells judge he wants divorce because he wanted kids and wife never told him she was seedless.
  • Judge tells jury to disregard phone word-balloon prosecution is holding over defendant's head, balloon says, "I'm guilty."
  • Attorney tells Tooth Fairy 37 years ago, he neglected client's tooth, they ask for 25 cents plus compounded monthly interest and pain, suffering, mental anguish.
  • Pillsbury Doughboy negotiating contract, wants clause added about actors with long, pointy fingernails, has bandages on belly from being poked.
  • Computer informs that music subscription download time may be a while due to legal battles.

  • At the post office for nails, hammers are in the most wanted posters.

You searched for: law