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  • A fish with a huge mouth yells at a fisherman for more bait.
  • An alligator eats Frank Perdue and thinks he tastes like chicken.
  • The mafia takes a horse to water, but no matter how much they torture him they can't make him drink.
  • A man catches a fish at a bad time.

  • Turtles look for new places to live, but all the good ones are on a golf course.
  • A man goes fishing for microfiche.
  • Fish hold fishermen's beers hostage until the fishermen release their peers.
  • A fish sees an ice hockey player's legs floundering as he falls under the ice and thinks it's a sign of spring.
  • A man putting up a thin ice sign falls through the ice.
  • Two men fishing in boat, one drinking beer says he's been coming there for years, fishing is getting worse, under water is pile of cans.

You searched for: lake