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  • Willy Wonka alone at empty factory as no one wants to see disgusting meat sausages being made.
  • Frustrated cellphone mother’s smartphone kids track dirty mud puddles on clean kitchen floor.
  • Cat parents can only afford one Christmas toy gift but grateful kitten kids love sharing fun box, ribbon & wrapping paper best.
  • Termites family children enjoy infesting Christmas tree wood present.
  • Christmas tree mother disapproves exposed bare branch teen daughter’s inappropriate sexy decorations clothing.
  • Scared pop corn kernel movie cinema audience watches girl stringing popcorn garland Christmas decorations torture on screen.
  • Worried family thinks Thanksgiving thoughts about enough food, washing dishes, political fights & sneaking pie.
  • Nephew thinks Thanksgiving dinner guest uncle shaking hand has sweaty palms.
  • Misspelled Thanksgiving texts autocorrected bread stuffing staffing, turkey gobble Google, cranberry sauce saw & underwear gift thongs giving.
  • Trick or treater in cellphone costume tells scared man his favorite celebrity is trending on social media.
  • Sneaky ninja sloth suddenly empties trick or treat candy bowl without being seen.

  • Dinosaur kid trick-or-treating in spooky extinction asteroid costume scares T-Rex.

You searched for: kid