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  • A mouse kid builds a mousetrap based on plans from the internet.
  • A dog mom shows her puppies the toilet and tells them why it's better than a water bowl.
  • A crowd of injured angels limps through heaven on crutches after dancing on the pointy side of a pin.
  • A woman reads "Understanding Computers for Dummies" while a computer reads "Understanding Dummies for Computers."
  • Instead of Penicillin, pharmacist at drug store substitutes moldy bread.
  • A monster teaches other monsters to go bump in the night.
  • A man throws his friend into the water because he thinks a chum will attract fish.
  • An explorer walks under a wild cat just as the cat realizes he has to take his medication with food.
  • A dentist accidentally drills his patient's tooth before numbing his mouth.
  • An orchestra's timpani player's music is just the word "Boom" over and over.

  • Flight attendant, sensing turbulence in the relationship, puts her tray in an upright position - right in her boyfriend's face.
  • Ski instructor tells student with a large butt that he's doing fine, but needs to learn to shift his weight to front of the skis.

You searched for: instruction