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  • A man's computer password conjures a fancy welcome screen.
  • Different species react differently to seeing females.
  • Cops think aliens in a donut UFO are an advanced species.
  • A fish, a fisherman, and a bear all think "Wow! Look at the size of that one."
  • A man gets turned down for a job position because he reminds the interviewer of someone he hated in high school.
  • A woman dating the Ty-Di-Bowl man visits him at his house, which is a toilet.
  • Archie the apple wants to impress date, a pear, with his family tree, showing different apples, like Agatha tempting Adam, Jeffrey bonking Sir Issac Newton.
  • Fortune Teller sees cat fur on client and impresses client.

  • Man's resume boasts of his beer drinking skills.

You searched for: impress