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  • Exercising Santa lifts present sack weights to prep for delivering toys on Christmas Eve.
  • Woman jogging on treadmill at healthclub is suddenly swarmed by a crowd of excited people wanting to run too.
  • Exercising Godzilla crushes city on stairmaster while working out at the gym.
  • Bats in yoga class stand upright instead of hanging upside down in cave.
  • Confused man wore Star Wars Yoda pants to yoga class.
  • Lazy people have lots of excuses for not working out at spin class.
  • Cats perform the upward turning nose yoga pose.
  • Spider is reminded to work on core while leg muscles are bulging.
  • Jellyfish wonders if large tentacles are a result of working out.
  • Elvis worked out by doing bicep and lip curls.
  • Flamingo can bend leg backwards due to yoga.

  • The Island of Fit Toys spends all their free time exercising.

You searched for: healthclub