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  • Cat cashier asks if cat wants paper bag but it’s already inside it.
  • Woman shopping for groceries looks at a jar of seasonal pumpkin spice flavored pumpkin spice seasoning.
  • Glenn dresses up his sweats with a sweat tie to go shopping.
  • Cat chooses from various flavors of catnip.

  • Future technology includes self-driving car, self-pedaling bike, self-shopping cart, and self-screaming coaster.
  • Wife sends Grim Reaper text asking him to buy chocolate.
  • A mouse goes to get cheese in a maze.
  • A mouse gets the wrong kind of cheese and is snapped by mousetraps.
  • A woman guesses that a man has a new kitten because his legs are covered in scratches.
  • A dog buys her husband his favorite food, anything.
  • A man buys something from a Buy One Get One sale and wonders why it seemed like a bargain.

You searched for: grocery store