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  • Potted flower in a psychiatrist’s office can’t understand why his wife doesn’t know what he needs when it is written on his tag.
  • Johnny Appleseed's partner is his pooping dog Maggie Fertilizer.

  • Flower calls to have hole in pot fixed, but repairman can't find the pothole.
  • Gardener watering plants finds beetles praying to a statue of her as a rain goddess.
  • Dog's sign encourages leisurely exploration of surrounding during walks.
  • Snails openly carry salt shakers.
  • Adam and Eve get kicked out of the Garden of Eden, but now they have apples and can try Adam's apple strudel recipe.
  • A pumpkin's vines grope another pumpkin.
  • A gardener gets in trouble because he thought a weed whacker would only work on weeds.
  • A woman cheats on her boyfriend with Mr. Potatohead.

You searched for: garden