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  • Women are distraught separating from baby and cell phone.
  • Phones get scared watching a Horror Movie about falling into a Toilet.
  • Dogs see fireworks during kiss which scares them to hide under the couch.
  • Dogs tell scary stories around campfire about being left alone for fifteen minutes.
  • Cat owner sees a cat carrier, cat sees a monster's mouth.
  • Cat worries that there is a couch somewhere that doesn't have cat fur on it.
  • Dog's leg twitching in sleep really means that he's being chased by a big scary rabbit.
  • Cats and dogs get scared watching a horror movie that has fireworks.
  • Dad reassures Billy that there aren't any monsters in closet, but there are other scary things.

  • Cat Godzilla knocks over buildings of cups, pens, and knick knacks, thwarted only by a super soaker.
  • Fish grim reaper arrives with a net rather than a scythe.
  • Aftersharks are scarier than the sharknado.

You searched for: fear