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  • Gazelle questions cheetah if he's worth eating after all the cardio of trying to catch him.
  • Mrs. Doughboy complains about Mr. Doughboy's weight because his torso is covered in rolls.
  • How the artists Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Rubens were inspired.
  • Fast food area for picking up food and an area for regretting it.
  • Man screams yes for hockey goal and girlfriend thinks it's in response to her weight question.
  • Cat claims it is not fat but simply startled.
  • Man realizes overweight dog stuck in dog door makes home less drafty.
  • Man wrongly asks woman when she's expecting and tries to save it by insulting clothes instead.
  • Man with large belly eyes new slant-top pants.
  • Fat-free ice cream maker sponsors verdict with their guilt slogan.
  • Kids find only wrappers in pinata as squirrel ate all the candy.

  • Man's diet fails as he eats foods that sound thin but aren't.

You searched for: fat