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  • A moth gets sick after eating too much tie food.
  • A strawberry scandalizes other fruits by wearing its seeds on the outside.
  • Someone asks a man who designed his tie and he said his daughter did, because she spilled food all over it.
  • Scientists discover that the substance inside of golf balls makes people dress poorly.
  • A man opens a store full of girly lingerie for men.
  • Birds are scandalized because the jaybirds are naked.
  • Knights have to defend themselves without armor on Casual Friday.

  • A woman cleaning her closet finds things that reminds her of her boyfriends, like loafers and sweaters.
  • A woman playing on a spin-the-wheel game show gets her scarf caught on the wheel.
  • A woman holds her powdered nose on a date.
  • A poodle shaves parts of her owner's hair in the night.
  • A skeleton's wife gets him skin for his birthday.

You searched for: fashion