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You searched for: farm animals

  • Odd McDonald puts all of his animals in muumuus.
  • An ox sits in an ox cart and asks what makes it go.
  • Piglets mosh while nursing on their mom.
  • Little Bo Peep searches for sheep online.

  • A piece of grass gets bitten by a horse, but it'll be okay because it was only grazed.
  • A turkey about to be killed says his behind is a terrible thing to baste.
  • The cow that jumped over the moon is now a steak after reentering the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Dead chickens go in KFC buckets instead of coffins.
  • A pitcher has trouble in the bullpen because there are bulls there.
  • A chicken downloads pictures of plucked chickens online.
  • A chicken's fortune teller says she has a future in gold boullion -- soup boullion.
  • Chicken Little dies when the letters "SKY" fall from a sign.

You searched for: farm animals