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  • Printer gets heart broken when computer tells her there is not an available printer.
  • Seagull can't bring himself to share a photo of chips on social media.
  • Cloud blocks the sun on social media.
  • Pinocchio is angry fake news sites are stealing his lying bit.
  • Lisa Simpson's Throwback Thursday photo shows an earlier version of herself.
  • Mr. Potatohead gets sick reading about the year's best mashups.
  • Toucan Sam follows his own nose on Twitter.
  • Cat listens to woman describe how she would pet him on cat pay site.
  • Pi worries that he can't fully express himself in Twitter's 140 characters.

  • Zebra announces his trip to the watering hole on social media.
  • Man is disappointed by real hamburger after seeing beautiful, tasty hamburger on poster.
  • Football player wonders why other player continues to block him on his phone even though game is over.

You searched for: facebook