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  • Cats get into a fight in an online chatroom.
  • A man in a seedy part of town gets nervous when his phone says he has a new follower.
  • A dish and a spoon go to the gym and the dish accidentally posts that they ran away together instead of that they're running in place together.
  • A dog instant messages his friends.
  • A lawyer can't put the fox on the stand because he doesn't know what he'll say.
  • A cat looks for a date on a dating site.
  • Grover's pet peeve is cold hands.
  • A woman makes a post about spending less time on Facebook, but then obsessively checks to see if anyone has liked the post.

  • Caesar has to vote pictures of knights up and down online.
  • A bee reads Buzzfeed.
  • A turkey takes a selfie before being killed for Thanksgiving.
  • A ghost wants to tweet a long 'boo,' but is limited to 140 characters.

You searched for: facebook