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  • Eyelash mites on glasses see mist as virus PPE face mask fogs lenses.
  • Snowman on laptop genealogy website sees dirty pond, puddle & toilet water DNA search results.

  • Snowman therapist tells melted patient many are experiencing burnout.
  • Cat harasses owner eating, trespasses kitchen counters, grooms exposed butt indecently & mugs adorable faces.
  • Eye doctor asks if fraud blur letter optometry sign tricking patients is ethical.
  • Disney+ streaming video parody of extra cartoon Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck face and body pieces.
  • Annoyed snowman dislikes heated hot yoga gym gift certificate present from snowman.
  • Broken twig arm snowmen agree no more high fives.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head toys in love walking together in park have matching face pieces.
  • Mad Mr. Potatohead asks potatohead trick-or-treater where’s your costume and it removes arm and face pieces.
  • Autocorrected spelling for no teeth can’t Dracula, weird werewolf, frank in stein, and mommy mummy monsters.
  • Ghosts pass spirit with face lifted above head who had cosmetic surgery.

You searched for: eye