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  • A cop who moonlights as a waiter offers his patrons pepper spray.
  • Michael Jackson has a glass case of facial features in case of emergency.
  • People crawl around the floor of a contact lens factory looking for the lenses.
  • The cartoonist lets his family come up with ideas for the Fathers' Day cartoon.
  • Cyclops pirates are blind because they have eyepatches over their lone eyes.
  • A baby writes a review of how food makes her face look.
  • A dad tells his daughter to sit farther back from the TV while he's close to his computer screen.

  • Billy's BB gun takes his eye out'on a date. Mother warns son about bb gun taking his eye out and she was correct, literally.
  • Mr. Potato Head keeps a "close eye" on his wife's love affair by leaving one of his eyes on the table to see if she's cheating.
  • UFOs try to construct the perfect Earthling using DNA from powerful and popular people, but the DNA they collected is all from ugly or stupid famous people.
  • Famous cartoon characters are in an eye hospital because of their distorted faces.
  • A cyclops wife is mad at her husband because she thinks he winked at another woman.

You searched for: eye