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  • Emoji face in counseling tells therapist you try keeping happy expression these days.
  • Emojis have a support group for facial expressions have become stuck.
  • The Headless Horseman has lousy Emoji Options.
  • The Headless Horseman has several Pumpkin Head Mood Options.
  • Emoticons gossip about emojis plastic surgery.
  • Pi worries that he can't fully express himself in Twitter's 140 characters.

  • A turkey makes duck lips in a selfie.
  • A man is surprised to find that his date is a duck, since he thought she was just making a duck face in her profile picture.
  • A bird and a bee have a picnic and it sparks rumors.
  • Man uses his crazy eights face as his poker face isn't good.
  • Man has giant ants trying on his pants.

You searched for: expressions