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  • Cats' fur stands on end after being scared in the haunted house.

  • Cat rest stops are more frequent than human ones.
  • A castle in a fishtank is labeled 'No Exit'.
  • Mouse being chased by cat misses his mouse hole exit.
  • Sign on highway tells moms where last restroom really is.
  • The cartoon presents the newest ways to waste time.
  • A tiger is chasing a man and he has to decide if it's enough of an emergency to use the emergency exit.
  • A guilt-ridden man goes grocery shopping.
  • Employee standing on hidden spring tells boss he isn't satisfied with complaint handling, he's going over his head, boss ready to pull spring lever.
  • Cars driving on interstate with a sign that shows "Food This Exit", not realizing the exit leads straight to dinner table of dinosaur.
  • Couple arguing in car, man tells her she said she could make exit even from middle lane, car now stuck to grill of semi truck.

You searched for: exits