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  • Beer mug becomes frosty when boyfriend calls her stout.

  • Doctor thinks chameleon lost a lot of weight but he just camouflaged into the background.
  • A dog collar claims to make your small dog look tougher.
  • A dietician says people trying to lose weight should avoid words that will tempt them, so she shows a pita chart instead of a pie chart.
  • A hippo mom thinks that the fat hippo dolls are unrealistic.
  • A frog sticks out its throat to impress a girl frog, and a man sucks his stomach in to impress a woman.
  • A magician can't do his trick right because his rabbit is too fat.
  • A doctor gives a woman a collagen injection in her eye instead of her lips.
  • A caveman's cave-drawing profile picture is out of date.
  • A snowman inverts his body to make it look like he lost weight.

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