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  • Man tells co-worker Lynn is on phone, she's coming down with nasty bug, and Lynn is coming down from the ceiling with a giant insect.
  • Todd at company meeting projects his voice, which projects the words coming out of his mouth onto the wall, so no one can ignore him.
  • Harmon is doing inventory of stuffed animals, he counted 65 giraffes, 99 walruses, 173 lions, but fell asleep counting sheep.
  • Man says he thought about finding new building, thinks this one has good years left, asks Smithers if he agrees, but Smithers fell through hole.
  • Dereck takes quick thinking test at job interview, employer tells him to answer quick, asks if he would sucker punch him, Dereck says yes.
  • Man's resume boasts of his beer drinking skills.

  • Sign painters picket their place of employment with blank signs.

You searched for: employer