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  • A man returns everything from the Twelve Days of Christmas, except the dancing ladies.
  • A turkey musician accidentally throws his own drumsticks into the audience.
  • Jimi Hendrix drums with his teeth.
  • Pete Best chases the Beatles across Abbey Road with a chainsaw.
  • One cat makes a diversion while another cat prepares to steal the Thanksgiving turkey.
  • After being booted out of the Beatles, drummer Pete Best tries to market a solo album, "Aargh! Darn it! Darn it all!"
  • A man in an orchestra plays a fool like the violin.
  • A drummer says it's "cosmic" how his roommate always wakes up at the same time he does, but really he's just waking him up with his drums.
  • The energizer bunny's father buys him a drum set for Christmas.
  • An orchestra's timpani player's music is just the word "Boom" over and over.

  • Doctor listens to pregnant woman's belly, she asks him how many heartbeats he hears because baby is in womb playing bongos.

You searched for: drum