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  • Famous cartoons in rehab for addictions.
  • Doctor gives decoder ring out with prescriptions to interpret handwriting.
  • Doctor prescribes analogy medicine for patient with an allergy who uses too many analogies.
  • Famous cartoons in rehab for addictions.
  • Seedless Watermelon gets seed injection treatment for infertility.

  • Chiropractor tells Humpty he may hear a crack during treatment.
  • Distracted Cupid mistakes laxatives for love potion.
  • Doctor diagnoses Tin Man's brain fluid and prescribes rain hat for Tin Man.
  • Refried beans have therapy support group to discuss addiction to getting refried.
  • Patient afraid as nurse takes blood with vampire-like syringe fangs.
  • In the era of fertility drugs, the Brady Bunch is a much larger family with many children.
  • Porcupine with crooked spines looks to chiropractor for spinal adjustment.

You searched for: drug