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  • Golf clubs can't go places by car because none of them are drivers.
  • A firefly has to jump-start his friend because he left his lights on.
  • Birds eating roadkill say grace.
  • A man thinks he survived a pothole, but it tore off half his car.
  • A turtle with three heads uses a carpool line.
  • Lions see a car with two people in it as half full.
  • Aliens learn what traffic signal lights mean on Earth - green for proceed and red for stop and put your finger in your nose.

  • Angry driver demands police officer who is giving a traffic violation ticket tell him where the stop sign is that he ran, failing to notice it stuck to his car.
  • A Zamboni machine on a hockey rink displays a sign stating, "Student Driver," and there are several hockey players stuck under the machine.
  • Man yells at cabbie that he drove by his stop, and cab has a sign that says, "Joe's Taxi - We Go That Extra Mile."
  • Woman wonders why employees need to see her identification since she is paying cash, not realizing they are laughing at her driver's license photo.
  • Traffic helicopter wrecked on Route 93 broadcasts that drivers should find alternate routes because traffic on 93 is backed up more than usual.

You searched for: drivers