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  • Fairy Godmother modifies pumpkin into a carriage for Cinderella.

  • Characters go to Betty Rubble Center for mental health and addiction issues.

  • Therapist tells Donald Duck that ninety-nice percent of population doesn't understand him.
  • Ostrich mistakenly looks to commiserate about not flying to other animals who can fly.
  • Snow White declines witch's apple because she doesn't eat anything genetically magicfied.
  • Various characters all show up to Halloween party dressed in same Minion costume.
  • Betty Rubble Center Relapse #22 includes cartoons recovering from addiction.
  • Pinocchio lies on his dating profile and his nose breaks his computer screen.
  • One of Mickey's ears descends before the other.
  • Minnie mouse catches Mickey Mouse crossdressing in her mini-skirt.
  • Disney characters are reanimated as zombies.

You searched for: disney