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  • Rebelling insect restaurant diner waterbug orders flaming flambé, dragonfly knight in medieval armor, August June bug & constipated dung beetle.
  • Underwater sharks restaurant diner selects person swimming above as dinner order from shark waiter.
  • Spider grills barbecue fly dinner on spiderweb Webber brand Weber Grill company product spoof.
  • Rebelling insects enjoy unexpected choices, potato bug eats rice, fragrant stink bug wears Chanel, wild partying recluse spider & grasshopper skipping.

  • Dog dining in restaurant tells waitress will sneak from owner’s order to eat as meal.
  • Single drum tells guitar date no one wants it solo so decided to start dating again.
  • Pet owner confused by empty meat plate but short wiener dog’s length tall enough to reach & steal steaks.
  • Squirrel at wildlife restaurant steals birdseed meal from confused birds diner & waitstaff with empty plate.
  • Husband proofreads texts after wife picks up sexy guy from France instead of baguette bread loaf.
  • Man on date’s gallbladder helps him digest restaurant meal, but rude pee bladder has gall to interrupt make out kissing.
  • Hors d'oeuvre dining at restaurant asks nacho date how long it’s been covered in cheese.
  • Comic book super hero Captain Entree apprehends bank robber criminal Plate with trusted Side Dish sidekick.

You searched for: dinner