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  • Sad Dr. Frankenstein with brain jars says dates look for man with brains as scared woman runs away.
  • In a deadly accident, Hermann Rorschach's body becomes a Rorschach test.
  • In the afterlife, salmon jump from cloud to cloud to heaven.
  • Turkey predicts his own future when he asks to be filled in.

  • Grim Reaper tells diner to say when as he's salting his food from hourglass.

  • Dracula tells son that city will someday still be his.

  • Among rare animals, a rare sight is a Game of Thrones episode where no one dies.

  • Honey bee fakes cramp after reading about dying after stinging someone.
  • Fish grim reaper arrives with a net rather than a scythe.
  • In mayfly edition of Annie, character sings about how there is no tomorrow.
  • Crow admits to being involved in murder because he is social.
  • Cat wears t-shirt that says what doesn't kill me makes me curiouser.

You searched for: die