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You searched for: dessert

  • Birthday cake tackles man because he came after him with a knife.
  • Man in Chinese restaurant reads fortune cookie that says something is coming his way, just as tray of food is about to spill on him.
  • Man lying on floor in Bakery World, "Where You Get the Attention You Deserve," with pie in his face, employee tells co-worker he deserved it.
  • Banana on psychiatrist's couch has banana split personality, one personality likes chocolate, another likes strawberry, another likes marshmallow.
  • Mouse playing joke on another mouse, shows him cheesecake that's a short jump away, mouse doesn't know he tied his tail to the window shade.
  • Cat shopping for cake mix can't make up his mind which flavor, includes goldfish, mouse, tune, sparrow, canary, pigeon, rodent, and more.

  • Linus makes giant pumpkin pie from great pumpkin.

You searched for: dessert