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  • Halloween ninja sloth steals costume & embarrasses scary naked mummy monster.

  • Peeing skeleton drinking coffee in puddle tells vampire it goes right through it.
  • Zombie monster on smartphone scared by awful Twitter social media tweets posted online.
  • Annoyed ghost awake in bed thinks of scary boo comeback insult for jerk party guest.
  • Scary monster ordered Hello Fresh online dead flesh meal deliveries package.
  • Terrified skeletons horror movie audience watch scary dog chew bone.
  • Tombstone engraved actually did kill him to help with dishes once in a while.
  • Dog owner calls Chewy pet supplies about Chewie wookiee body box delivery mixup.
  • Complaining house plant panics half full or empty glass of water too much or too little & will die.
  • Optimistic shriveled hospital balloon survives months longer than doctors anticipated.
  • Dead 1/2 star killed by customers’ negative reviews scares 4 online shopping product review stars.
  • Self-conscious singular dice at party unsure if die welcoming board game pieces are friends or threatening death.

You searched for: death