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  • A woman's morning breath is so bad that it kills her husband.
  • Failed Post cereals include "Post Mortem" and "Post Terior."
  • The Grim Reaper leaves Keith Richards alone because he already looks dead.
  • A dead woman leaves her lingerie to her husband because he enjoys wearing it.
  • Snuggles the Bear dies after being peeled off the lint trap of a dryer.
  • Dead chickens go in KFC buckets instead of coffins.
  • Godzilla has mourning breath after taking a bite out of a funeral home.
  • Cat heaven has a booth for cats who demand a recount.
  • The Grim Reaper tries to garden, but kills all his plants.
  • Oscar the Grouch dies because he fell asleep in the recycling bin.

  • The mayfly newspaper has births and obituaries of the same flies in one issue.
  • Mickey Mouse always wears gloves so he won't leave fingerprints at crime scenes.

You searched for: dead