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  • Rebellious snacking meal worm, famous moth avoiding limelight, sand flea dislikes beaches & daddy long legs spider not a dad.
  • Turtle parent tells kid in glowing turtleshell to shut off smartphone for bed time.
  • Angry bird mom in tree asks dad who broke fallen eggs what he means he’s been spring cleaning nest?
  • Geese family celebrates hatching male chick’s gander gender reveal birth.
  • Kids searching for hidden Easter eggs stolen by Ninja Sloth confused when all are missing.
  • Dad says pet dog Christmas present box is comforter for child’s bed.
  • Worm puking mother fills baby birds’ Christmas stocking stuffer gifts at fireplace mantle.
  • Ninja sloth mashes potatoes with stubborn man’s head when he refuses to help wife cook Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Kitty cat family gives thanks for Thanksgiving table dish knocking abundance.
  • Bats family mom scolds ear rolling child complaining at bed time.
  • Father at hospital babies nursery with r crying infant asks pirate which child is his.
  • Playing card decks mom washing dishes in kitchen tells lazy attitude cards son no shuffling when walking rule.

You searched for: dad