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  • A glass pi'ata at a birthday party breaks, hitting everyone with glass and candy.

  • Godzilla's wife asks if he cut himself shaving when she sees a piece of a toilet paper factory stuck to his face.
  • Mary's little lamb is attacked with snow equipment because of its fleece.
  • Vincent van Gogh has a bad ear day.
  • Van Gogh's barber cuts off his other ear so he's symmetrical.
  • Toontown barber has very different hairstyles to do on various cartoon clients.
  • A cat cuts up newspapers to leave a note for its owner which says "Clean Litter Box or Kiss Carpet Goodbye."
  • Poachers cut off the golden hair of the Brady Bunch.
  • Surgeons want to open Mike during a hospital's open mic night.
  • A man cuts the light cord instead of the umbilical cord.
  • A man at a jewelry store can either stretch out a man's ring, or he can peel his finger like a carrot.
  • A turkey disguises itself as a cat to avoid being killed for Thanksgiving.

You searched for: cut