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  • Bulls with scissors chase runners through streets of Pamplona, Spain.
  • Three blind mice agree farmer’s wife is a psychopath for cutting off and displaying their tails in her living room.
  • Bob Dylan uses an electric powered lawnmower to cut the grass.
  • Washington cherry trees watch scary movie in a cinema
  • Jellyfish cuts tentacles off trying to make them even.
  • Snakes hair Medusa on laptop excludes snake in unfair social media selfie photo.
  • Medusa needs to use a nose trimmer to trim the snakes from her nose.
  • Leprechaun uses phrase from Scarface to announce he's holding a cleaver.
  • Soldier serves Darth Vader cake sliced so that he can fit it into his mask's mouth.
  • Dinosaur reads how to become a vegetarian after trying to kill triceratops and getting hurt.
  • God creates Bart Simpson by using pinking shears to cut his hair.

  • Swiss lobster has various tools for claws and legs.

You searched for: cut