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  • A man who works at a machete, razor blade, and notepaper factory gets a paper cut.
  • A swordfish cuts fisher's lines.
  • An infographic shows how cats see humans.
  • Medical doctor demands clamp from nurse to stop the juggling balls because the surgeon has to cut open the juggler vein on his patient.
  • Salesman delivers aggressive sales pitch explaining how four-bladed razors work, with the first razor distracting, second razor grabbing, third razor punching, and fourth razor cutting.
  • One pumpkin tells another that he is going to have an open mind about a Halloween Jack O' Lantern stuff while someone wields a knife nearby.
  • Daughter tells Mom she is making a ballerina costume for Halloween out of an old, white dress (Wedding Gown) she found in back of Mom's closet.
  • Couple is unhappy with photographer who used to be a guillotine operator because their heads are cut off in the picture.
  • Plant's plan to grow up to lady flower in planter doesn't factor in toro mower.

  • Evergreen tree discovers why some trees drop their leaves when man comes with ax.

You searched for: cut