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  • Grocery shopper tells woman buying cart of Halloween candies trick-or-treat cancelled in her area and she answers mine too.
  • Husband lies to his wife that he's still eating healthy because he's eating electronic bacon.
  • Zombies always wake up with a purpose of finding brains.

  • Zombie jellyfish attacks for nerve nets rather than brains.
  • The shallow zombie is only attracted by looks, not brains.

  • A woman's cat rubs up against a magic lamp and wishes for fish, mice, and birds.
  • A man get's a lion's share of meat and the lion is angry.
  • A man is dissatisfied when his wife buys Okayuns instead of Funyons.
  • Flat faced cat is at the vet because it spent all summer staring at a bird nest at the window.
  • A bar of chocolate is only semi sweet to his date.
  • A fish goes to the doctor for fertility drugs because he has a craving for caviar.
  • Linus uses a pumpkin patch to curb his craving to wait up all night for The Great Pumpkin.

You searched for: craving