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  • A construction worker puts a grate in sideways, causing a bicyclist to crash.
  • A company tries to hire someone with skills in construction, but a snake applies because he's good at constriction.
  • Carpenter ants need to evacuate because of a drill in the wall.
  • Construction concrete blocks socialize, with one introducing himself as "very supportive," another looking for a "concrete relationship," and another eyeing the "hard body" of a cinder block.
  • There is nothing like the sound of child's voice for woman, can opener for cat, tree falling for beaver, and "Ow, my thumb!" for hammer.
  • One pair of pliers tells another pair of pliers that Billy is being punished and can't come out and ply, instead of play.
  • Two nails standing outside house, one nails tells the other he's been thinking about moving, two hammers are visible moving into the house next door.
  • At the post office for nails, hammers are in the most wanted posters.

  • A nail loses his friend because he gets nailed into wood.

You searched for: construction