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  • A man sings a song about jerks in traffic.
  • A soap bubble sings a rap song.
  • Blue from Blue's Clues sings the blues.
  • The Village People have a failed comeback with "Y2K Bug."
  • Flea claims to have been to woodstock the bird but no one believes him.
  • Godzilla eats Garth Brooks and gets his hat stuck in his throat.
  • During the 70s, cities would use Pete Townsend's windmill as emergency power.
  • A man eats a Hershey Kiss while Godzilla eats the band Kiss outside.
  • A conductor's instructions are simply to wave his hands around until the music stops.

  • A man in an orchestra plays a fool like the violin.
  • Potatoes participate in a mosh pit at a concert.
  • Godzilla eat Meatloaf and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

You searched for: concert